Knowledge & Innovation Fair

The Knowledge and Innovation Fair will be located in the World Conference Center Lobby. The fair will be open when the conference is not in plenary session from 1-3 March. Throughout the Festival, the knowledge and innovation fair will showcase novel approaches to advancing the SDGs. Over the course of three days, conference participants can have hands on experience with some of the best examples in immersive storytelling, data collection and data visualizations, tech, and community organizing from the private sector, government, UN and civil society.

2017 Exhibitors

Deutsche Telekom AG in cooperation with Volunteer Vision – interactive “eStart” program

Volunteer Vision is the first provider of online mentoring programs in the area of volunteering with a focus on professional orientation for refugees. Our mentors are employees from companies from a diverse range of sectors as well as private volunteers, who contribute to society using our software-as-a-service solution. Our mentees are individuals searching for support in reaching their professional goals. They are able to find easy access to help using our online offerings. Cooperating with existing mentoring organizations and eLearning experts, we design the programs to meet high standards and ensure measurable outcomes. This approach allows us to create sustainable connections between refugees and locals and utilize unused potential for dialogue and support. Participants can experience the online mentoring platform live, testing eLearning scripts and engaging in brief 1:1 mentoring session.

Deutsche Welle Akademie – The Media Freedom Navigator & The Digital Innovation Library

Deutsche Welle Akademie is Germany’s leading organization for international media development, strengthening the right to freedom of expression and access to information worldwide. With long-term projects in some 50 countries, DW Akademie’s goal is to support free and independent media systems and quality journalism, as well as promote structural change. Freedom of expression is crucial for sustainable development: People all over the world must be able to raise their voices and access relevant information in order to realize other human rights related to health and education, for example. The Media Freedom Navigator is an interactive online tool providing an overview of the status of freedom of expression and access to information around the world. Users can explore the situation in all countries, compare different media freedom indices, and test their knowledge with a quiz. The Digital Innovation Library is a responsive platform showcasing innovative projects from around the world, which are using digital technologies to advance freedom of expression and access to information. Users can explore how the different activities support various aspects of freedom of expression such as participation and inclusion, or holding power to account.  

Engagement Global and the City of Bonn are working together on different occasions. Both are dedicated to the mission of increasing awareness of the SDGs in Germany through different projects, programs, events, workshops. Engagement Global informs about current projects and initiatives in Germany and worldwide, advises individuals and groups on development projects and also offers financial support. We provide the necessary qualification at a needs-based level, unite individuals and institutions and support the commitment of civil society, of municipalities, private operators and institutions. The City of Bonn is the German platform for the international dialogue on sustainability. Almost 20 UN organizations and about 150 NGOs work from Bonn under the UN slogan of shaping a sustainable future. The city itself has strongly committed to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs through various elements: a resolution of the local board for international affairs, global project partnerships working on sustainability, the development of a sustainability agenda for the city itself or the support of many events and conferences to name only a few. Participants will be able to visit a selfie booth to take about the various SDGs they champion that will be uploaded via #17Ziele and other #s on the social media wall at the booth.

Within the German government, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is responsible for Germany’s development policy. The BMZ’s task is to determine the objectives of German development policy; to negotiate with about 80 partner countries worldwide regarding bilateral cooperation; and to play a part in shaping multilateral cooperation. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations forms the international framework for Germany’s development policy. A special focus for the BMZ is creating better opportunities in the countries where refugees originate. Other important topics are global food security, sustainable economic development and climate action. The Ministry has its headquarters in Bonn and Berlin. The BMZ also has some staff seconded to German embassies in its partner countries and to international organisations. For the implementation of its projects, the BMZ relies on the following organisations among others: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), KfW Group, and Engagement Global – Service for Development Initiatives. At our booth BMZ will present the role of German development cooperation in implementing the SDGs. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with BMZ officials who are involved in shaping German development policy.

Huxley’s mission is to monitor crops, automating optimal environmental and nutrient conditions for maximum output and reliability. Huxley’s goal is to build an OS for ecology, that utilizes “self-driving” technology to enable rich and diverse ecosystems. PLANT VISION™ enables AI to detect and automate the growth of crops, saving water & resources for all. Participants will be able to test out the plant vision ecosystem and learn about innovative farming methods for more efficient growth systems for the future.

Influx Trust – Connect2Effect Global Hackathon for the SDGs

From 10 to 12 March 2017, the Influx Trust, with the collaboration of the United Nations SDG Action Campaign and the Office of the President of the United Nations General Assembly will be turning 1000 people in 9 cities around the world into SDG Entrepreneurs during the inaugural #Connect2Effect event, a 3-day global hackathon around the SDGs. Winners of the hackathon will be invited to present their work at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, NY USA in the Spring of 2017. At the booth, participants will be able to learn more about the upcoming hackathon.


MY World 2030

MY World 2030 is an adaptable platform for citizen-generated data and engagement with the SDGs. MY World 2030 allows people from around the world to tell the UN what they are passionate about in the SDG agenda and offer a gauge of perceived progress until 2030. Visitors will be able to participate in MY World 2030 and learn how to create their own campaigns. They can also learn about some of the past activations in the post-2015 period with MY World 2015. @MYWorld2030


Thousands of fellow global citizens are ENGAGED in the SDGs. But to reach REAL CHANGE we face a problem. We need to close THE COLLABORATION GAP – and make it much easier for all of us to find the ones with whom we should collaborate.  SDG+People makes it super easy to tag your SDG interests and competencies in what we label as an “SDG-Taxonomy”. This will be integrated into the “Globalisation Taxonomy,” which already contains more than 2,000 topics.

uBegin is an online innovation platform that allows people to learn, engage, and celebrate collective action for the SDGs. By supporting a network of Community Organisers, the social platform provides the knowledge and tools for collaboration between thought leaders, creative thinkers, and activists so they can go beyond borders, culture and politics to access resources and realize common goals. By visiting the booth, visitors can connect with the uBegin team who will help you activate your complimentary account on uBegin and walk you through the platform with the goal of creating new communities of collaboration and practice.

UN Bonn – Shaping A Sustainable Future

With about 20 organizations and 1,000 staff members UN Bonn is here to help governments and people find answers and ways for humanity to achieve a sustainable future on this planet. Visitors can learn about the UN’s presence in Bonn, see videos of the 18 Bonn based UN organizations, and see some of the creative methods being used to involve people in the SDGs.

United Nations Department of Public Information, News and Media Division – Interview Booth

The UN Department of Public Information is dedicated to communicating the ideals and work of the United Nations to the world; to interacting and partnering with diverse audiences; and to building support for peace, development and human rights for all. The News and Media Division tells the UN’s story through television, radio and the internet, working together with partners in the media worldwide to raise awareness of the UN’s goals and highlight its successes. Their booth will serve as social media hub and a mini interview space, where they will capture short segments for sharing to the broader public. 

UNDP Innovation Facility – Public Sector Innovation Labs

Visit the booth of the UNDP Innovation Facility to find out how the UN Development Programme and Governments across the globe design the next generation of public services through the Public Sector Innovation Labs. A growing number of policy-makers is rethinking governance and how to best involve citizens in creating solutions. Through Public Sector Innovation Labs, UNDP supports Governments in redesigning public services, testing new policy ideas and engaging community members in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. At the booth you can interact with a board game that exposes policy-makers to tough yet stimulating questions about innovation for the 2030 Agenda.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the parent treaty of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. The main aim of the Paris Agreement is to keep the global average temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius and to drive efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Interact with UNFCCC representatives to learn about its missions, initiatives, and how to engage and partner. The UNFCCC booth will display web content and videos, sharing the secretariat’s efforts to mobilizing the global community to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs.

The UN SDG Action Campaign Build Your Own Campaign

Are you an SDG Champion?

Since 2002, the UN SDG Action Campaign has been empowering and inspiring people across the world to take action in supporting their governments with achieving global development targets by fostering multi-stakeholder partnerships, leveraging cutting-edge communication technologies, and creating platforms for citizens to have their say, especially those most in danger of being left behind. By harnessing the data revolution and through creative storytelling, we support the UN System, governments, civil society and the general public, building accountability and urgency and inspiring collective action as we all work together to build a better future by 2030. Visit the SDG Action Campaign booth to learn more about current and upcoming planned Campaign projects, working with representatives to build a profile of your bespoke SDG Campaign.

UN System Staff College

The Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development supports the policy and operational work of the UN through the development of learning tools, platforms for interaction and a mature set of learning offerings for UN Staff. It also serves as a catalyst and convener prompting dialogue and knowledge sharing on issues relevant to the vision and mission of the United Nations between UN staff and a diverse set of stakeholders from academia, the private sector and civil society. Participants will be able to explore some of the resources and techniques used to ensure a holistic and in depth understanding of the principles and concepts underpinning Agenda 2030 in order to develop the capacities and skills required for SDG implementation.

The United Nations Volunteer Online Volunteering service connects development organizations with thousands of volunteers through the Internet to help address development challenges and strengthen the impact of organizations’ development work. UNV’s Online Volunteering service provides organizations with access to a global volunteer pool of more than 500,000 people and a breadth of expertise and skills that is unparalleled by any other volunteer service in the world. Visitors can experience the online journey of developing organizations worldwide that carry out large projects with the support of UN Online Volunteers.  

World Food Programme logo

The World Food Programme explores the ways in which it uses innovation to reach Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger. The innovation booth will showcase three flagship projects from WFP’s Innovation Accelerator: Hydroponics, a water-efficient and soilless cultivation technique, to support vulnerable communities in desert-dry regions, Block Chain, which harnesses technology that helps humanitarians provide more effective and efficient assistance to those they serve and, Virtual Farmers Market, an app-based market information platform for small-holder farmers. The booth will also shed light on how WFP is communicating in new and innovative ways, with a focus on Living Level Three: Iraq, a graphic novel that tells the story of those WFP serves through the eyes of a humanitarian aid worker.  

World’s Best News is an independent media platform for constructive journalism and creative campaigns. We publish news about progress and solutions to the world’s challenges – primarily focusing on developing countries. We use the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development as our frame. Our vision is that everybody should have a current and nuanced view of the World. We believe nuanced knowledge creates hope – and that hope creates motivation for action. World’s Best News is an independent association founded by the UN, the Danish development organisations, the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Confederation of Danish Enterprise.

The World We Want 2030 is a global platform and social network established as a joint venture between civil society and the UN. The World We Want consists of the Policy and Strategy Group (PSG), a civil society network and UN agencies, facilitated by the UN SDG Action Campaign. It as a tool which brings people together at the local, national and local level to educate, promote and create conditions to guarantee that “No One Is Left Behind” for SDGs socialization and Implementing. The World We Want booth will showcase how data has been visualized to characterize the interrelation between thematic areas. There will also be opportunities to interact with PSG members from local communities to discuss and network on SDGs advocacy and implementation solutions.

Youth4SDG is an initiative to engage youth with the Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to raise youth’s awareness of the SDGs, encourage youth actions in achieving the SDGs and cultivate young leaders during the implementation of the Goals.  To realize its objectives, it has developed programs including 1) selecting SDG youth advocate 2) establishing youth hubs in communities and having so far managed to set up hubs over 200 universities in China 3) organizing training camps focusing on generating youth actions, already having trained over 100 young leaders 4) creating an online platform under construction for youth to submit their actions and outcomes which can be further analyzed so that concerted actions can be taken. For its various programs, Youth4SDG has partnered with UN agencies in China, and NGOs such as the Climate Reality Project, etc.